“Some of the best lessons I have learned were through great coaches. They were Life lessons – not just game strategies or tactics. Lionheart Fitness Kids provides these very same valuable moments and memories, and from some of the most inspiring coaches I have ever met.”
Scottie Pippen – NBA Hall of Fame Athlete

Who is Lionheart Fitness Kids?

The team at Lionheart Fitness Kids knows that for children, “play” is serious business—and as adults we haven’t lost our drive to promote this passion! We think that physical fitness, play time, and team sports are extremely important to childhood development. We are committed to helping kids of all ages have access to sports and physical fitness education in a fun, safe, and positive environment.

Ultimately, physical fitness and sports contribute much more to a child’s overall well being than simply keeping them in shape. Rather, children who are exposed to healthy activity and sports at a young age have a better chance of developing good nutrition habits, feeling confident in themselves and their self-image, and are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors as teenagers and into adulthood. Moreover, the sports programs implemented by our team help inspire good sportsmanship, deliver instruction on how to be a leader on the field and off, and hone gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and social abilities. Who knew that all of these great principles and teachings could be delivered via some friendly sports play?

Lionheart Fitness Kids is unique because it is our main goal to empower children by giving them the tools and capabilities they need to be successful both as an athlete and a strong, positive-thinking person. We are committed to delivering beneficial programs for every stage of development: Toddlers to teenagers. We want every child to walk away from our program thinking and feeling positive about who they are and what they can accomplish. Our goal is to make kids understand that every sport is just like life—it’s not about winning or losing…but how you play the game that counts!

We invite you to learn more about the programs we offer and the values we hold dear. Please explore our site and do not hesitate to contact our team directly with any questions or to find out how your child can get involved. Thank you for your interest in Lionheart Fitness Kids!