Lionheart Fitness Academy and Early Education Center

If there was a school where your child could develop a love for academics, athletics, and the arts in a safe, loving, nurturing environment while also encouraged to be creative, taught leadership, and provided the tools to generate positive self-image and respect—would you want them to go to that school? Of course you would. The experts at Lionheart Fitness Kids are proud to introduce a unique concept in early education that is the first of its kind!—The Lionheart Fitness Academy and Early Education Center.

Our expert educators know that a happy and confident child is one who has received a balanced and positive educational experience. With a full curriculum for preschool age students that is designed to develop the “whole child”, it is our intent to instruct children on academic skills, create an appreciation of art, while also instilling values related to fitness, physical education, and nutrition. Research proves that children exposed to daily physical activity achieve greater academic success than those who do not have this advantage. Sadly, physical fitness is an area most schools ignore completely. Lionheart Fitness Academy classes are designed with the developing needs of preschool boys and girls in mind.

Building Partnerships with Parents

We take responsibility for your child and understand that you are placing your trust in us. The certified and trained educators, coaches, and employees of the Lionheart Fitness Academy are all background-screened and we are dedicated to helping your child develop and grow through a positive educational and fitness environment. At the Lionheart Fitness Academy, we employ the best in early educational practices and stay well-informed of changing trends. We value your child’s active mind and body, and provide a balanced learning system that addresses mental, physical, nutritional, and emotional needs.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Lionheart Fitness Academy and Early Education Center can benefit your child’s mental and physical self while boosting their social skills and creativity? Contact our school administrator today and learn how Lionheart Fitness Academy will prepare your child for a happy future.