Why Our Kids Need Love

‘According to a survey conducted by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health The following information is true: There are a total of 795,259 children ages 0- 5years of age currently living in Los Angeles County. 41.6% of these children are considered obese. Only 23% of these children 5th grade and up met the Physical Fitness Standard in the year 2012.

The same study shows that 33% of children age 2-11 ate fast food 2 or more times in the week that they were surveyed. What is very alarming is this number increases to 43.7% by the time the children are old enough to make their own food choices. (Age 12-17) The same trend is true when it comes to the daily drinking of sugar beverages. 19% of children ages 2-5 had drank one or more sugar beverages a day, but once they are older and able to choose the figure jumps to 65% of children ages 12-17 drink at least 1 sugar beverage a day.

These statistics clearly show that our children are in need of education and help in order to grow to be healthy young adults. The statistics clearly show that once a child is of age to make choices for themselves they are making unhealthy choices about their physical fitness as well as food choices.

I feel that it is CRUCIAL that we as a community help to educate each child early on how to make healthy choices. Choices about the food they eat or what kind of activities they are engaged in.

Children are very intelligent people, if they are given the correct information about nutrition and why it is important to make healthy food choices they will make the corrected choices as they grow older Lionheart Love will offer courses educate the student so that they can fully understand the importance of making the correct choices, and make sure that they have complete understanding as to why it is important for them in their life to remain active and healthy. Not because someone expects them to, but because they want to!